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Life Insurance Rates

In addition to age and sex, another important factor determining life insurance premiums is health condition. Medical examinations can raise premiums or lower them. Life insurers perform risk selection, that is, they assess the risk level of policyholders to stabilize their risk exposure. They also believe that setting premiums based on the risk level is fairer to policyholders. This risk selection is based on age, sex and health condition.

Jack Moran can arrange for a nurse to come to your home at your convenience to perform a basic examination to ensure that you get the best rate possible.

To further complicate things, different Life Insurance Companies can offer significantly different rates. That is why using an insurance broker such as Jack can be such a great advantage and time saver. By simply filling out the form to the right Jack will query all the major life insurance companies to get You the customer, the best rate possible.

Smoking and Premium Rates
The Surgeon General report on smoking and health in 1964 raised public awareness of the health risk of smoking by indicating that smokers had a higher death rate than nonsmokers. The life insurance industry also focused on the report and State Mutual was the first to introduce premium discounts for nonsmokers on the basis that charging the same premium was unfair to them. Thus policyholders who were deemed to be equally healthy in medical examinations paid different premiums based on whether they smoked. Jack Moran provides significant service to Canadian Smokers by getting them the best rates available.

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