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What is a Critical Illness Plan?
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Individual Critical Illness Plan


Critical Illness has been around since the late 1980’s. Jack Moran has been associated with the product since its inception. In fact Jack had the opportunity to claim on the plan when he was diagnosed with colon cancer and had the presence of mind to take out a policy on himself three years earlier.

The plan paid out the full benefit after surviving the diagnosis by thirty days. The Insurance Company paid the benefit tax free with no hesitation and the cheque was cashed before Jack had his operation to clear up the cancer.

Claims are not subject to interpretation and ongoing qualifications; instead, benefits are paid promptly when the clearly defined conditions are met.

Life insurance is for the benefit of others and in many cases the insured person outlives the term life insurance they put in place to protect their family and business.

Critical Illness Insurance provides a large infusion of capital when the insured needs it most; to cover treatment and recuperation costs, replace lost income, and preserve wealth and assets created over the years.

Critical Illness protects the individual insured person against twenty plus serious health conditions and pays the individual the full benefit should they be affected by one of the covered conditions and survive the episode by thirty days.

As Canadians we are fortunate to have great medical services and health care. Heart attacks and cancer no longer become a death threat; however the condition can and sometimes does destroy our financial savings.

With the care available in Canada many Canadians are back to a productive life after recovering from Cancer or Heart conditions. How long it takes to recover will determine how costly it will be to the family or business finances or savings.

Statistics tell us that as Canadians we will have a 10 times greater chance of claiming on a Critical Illness plan than of dying or 3 times greater chance of suffering a disability lasting 90 days or longer.

Speak to a knowledgeable experienced Broker and ensure you have a proper balance of life, disability, and critical illness plans in your financial portfolio.

Critical Illness protects against the following conditions:
Alzheimer Disease
Aorta Surgery
Benign brain tumour
Bone marrow transplant
Cancer (life threatening)
Coronary Bypass Surgery
Dismemberment / Loss of limbs
Vital organ failure on Transplant wait list
Heart Attack
Heart Transplant
Heart Valve Replacement
Kidney failure
Kidney transplant
Liver transplant
Loss of Speech
Lung transplant
Multiple Sclerosis
Motor Neuron Disease
Occupational HIV Infection
Pancreas (entire) Transplant
Paraplegia Heart Attack
Parkinson’s Disease
Severe Burns

For more information about the various covered conditions and costing of a policy for you call Jack Moran at 866-341-3220. There is no cost for an evaluation or illustration.

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